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Fresh Gear

We have the most effective and safe way to disinfect and deodorize all your hockey equipment. Our Fresh Gear machine kills bacteria and eliminates odor. The process uses ozone which is environmentally friendly, super strong and universally recognized. Ozone effectively sanitizes items by destroying harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, allergens and other pathogens. You simply bring your hockey bag in to us and you can have it back within 90 minutes (Appointment recommended). When dropping off your bag please remove everything from the bag that is not being disinfected such as any clothing, jerseys, socks, hockey tape, mouth guard etc.

Patented Process

Proprietary ozone sanitizing and deactivation technology enables optimum ozone levels and highest pathogen kill rates.

Consistent Efficacy

UV Ozone generation provides consistent ozone levels, even with damp gear.

Trusted By the Pros

The same ozone sanitizing machine used by NHL, OHL, NCAA teams and Hockey Canada.

How do you sanitize your personal protective equipment and get the nasty smell out of hockey equipment, football pads, running shoes and other athletic gear?
…the way professional teams, dedicated amateur athletes and weekend warriors do, since 2005…with Fresh Gear!